Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mudfest Cross Report

The first cross race of the season was great.  OCC does a lot for the MCA and sharing their love with the St. Adolphe Mudfest was the perfect fit.  The conditions were hot and dry.  I felt like I was making glue in my mouth during the race.  The course had soft dirt sections, with little time to rest and featured a crowd pleasing mud pit option.  It was soon apparent that the fastest way to go was through the mud - it was also the perfect opportunity to baptize my new shoes.  I was joined at the race by fellow ABE'ers DB and Albert as well as family racers Cheryl and Mia.  DB was slowly gaining on me and I was definitely running scared but at some point in the final lap his front tire washed out and sent him flying.  Cheryl finished 2nd woman in C (now called cat 4/5 (category 4 and 5) and is definitely looking forward to her new cross bike for Dark Cross next week.  Mia had fun racing, cheering and playing with her friends in the sand and mud. Highlights included: two EPIC mud pit crashes, cheering/jeering the A racers, finishing the race.  Lowlight for Jonny G - noticing he had a flat tire moments before the start of the race.  Tough luck brother.  Dark cross will treat you better.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everybody to race or at least watch Dark Cross next week.  It could be the best MCA race Manitoba has ever put on.  Seriously.   JS

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