Monday, September 19, 2011

Citius, Altius, Fortius

For those of you who don't speak Latin (i.e. anyone other than the Slim Slammer Jimmy Hamm) this translates to Faster, Higher, Stronger and its the name of stage 4 in the ABES Grand Prix. It also happens to be the slogan of a little known event called THE OLYMPICS. Which is fitting since winning this stage will take a near Herculean effort. The tests you ask? Well, in order to not have an unfair advantage I'll say this: expect to sprint (faster), expect to climb (higher), and expect to pull (stronger). So choose your steed and hoof said steed appropriately. One might not be good for the next. And by the way, only one ride per rider. No changing of steeds or hooves. That said, scroll down and check out the Darkcross pics and scan the interwebs for any other tasty tidbits. It was a gooder.

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