Friday, September 30, 2011

ThNR Report

Gavin, Steve, James, Giles, Steven, David, Shaun, Chaz, and I were ready to ride and race.  David was in one of his moods so there was no racing.  That’s too bad, it was a good month of races.  We toured the town, Giles had bike issues, we rode the Southern Cross course in the dark, and found our way to the clubhouse where were were joined by Duke.  The minutes included: roller racing at Grumpy’s, the Bombers are hurting, Dark Cross stories were revisited, Go Jets Go, white-washing the Van Gogh for movie night, fancy gadgets = look at my shit, Shaun is keeping stats and decreasing his cigarette totals while his bacon consumption remains steady, the joy of cyclocross, short court action, chickens in the basement, oil fires at the dump, rugby hurts, great woman and Ahole husbands, pool parties and white bikinis circa 1985, a lawnmower as a mothers day gift, Rosenort Credit Union in Altona, Menno Cross attendees include: James/Sandra, Steven/kids/Sandra?, Gavin/Nelson, Johnny/Cheryl/Mia/Kate, Albert, Douce Bag/Marguerite?, Cross labs in Altona – Wednesdays at the park – 6:30 – 7:30 – bring the family/spread the word, and the Altona Farm Service donated a sweet Brookes saddle that we will raffle off at Southern Cross.  Good times.  JS

No pictures this week but Thomas did submit this...
Good times keep on rolling in Rocktona - thanks Thomas

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