Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ABES Grand Prix: Altona Time Trial - Race #2

Thursday will be the second race in the ABES Grand Prix.  The course is basically two laps around Altona starting at Johnny's and ending at Grumpy's.  Your time is complete when you touch the drink machine at the door!

Racing will start at 8PM at Johnny's.  Racers will leave at intervals (to be determined by consensus).  Johnny will sort out the timing.  He's got oodles of stopwatches.

Some of us, unfortunately, cannot make the race but still want to participate.  Therefore I'm posting the route map ahead of time to afford riders the possibility of running the race themselves and timing themselves. Yes, this is the lesser of the racing options.  And yes, some people seem to object highly to this possibility.  Fortunately this race makes it possible to have this self-administered version possible.  Unlike the alleycat or the last man out.  So I for one will have to take this route and offer the opportunity to anyone else whose schedule conflicts yet still wants to participate in the ABES Grand Prix.  We're all about riding and having fun, are we not?

So the basic race course is this...

1.  start at Johnny's place
Head South on 2nd St. SE to 4th Ave. SE
Turn right onto 4th Ave SE and go to Railway
Turn left onto Railway and go South to the Elmcrest bike path
Take the bike path to Elmcrest and head East to 6th St. SE
Turn left and go North on 6th St, all the way north to Industrial Drive
Turn left and then right onto Industrial Drive and go North to 14th Ave NE
Turn left onto 14th Ave. and go West to Bunge Road (2nd St. NW?)
Turn left onto Bunge Road and go South to 10th Ave. NW
Turn right onto 10th Ave. NW and go West to the mile road (6th St. NW?)
Turn left onto the mile road and go South to the 201
Turn left onto the 201 and go East to 4th St. SW
Turn right onto 4th St. SW and go South to the end (Martin Crescent)
Take Martin Crescent (past Charles' place) and then turn left
Turn right at Jake and Anne Ens' place to head to 2nd St. SW
Turn right on 2nd St. SW and take the little jog over the railway tracks which brings you back to Railway.

After one lap of this route repeat it.  The second time you get back to Railway turn left and head North (2) up Railway all the way to Centre Ave. and then take a right and head to the bar (3).  I think the map explains it better than I can

I hope everyone can make it out to the race Thursday and we'll hopefully see you afterwards!


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  3. Did the course this evening (GPS showed 19.41 Km's) in 38:10.

    At least have the stones to write your name if you want to throw stones...