Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dark Cross Report

- Sweet Cheryl Koop was the second woman in her race
- Fellow ABES racing: David, Steven, Steve, Bruce, DB, Albert, Brian (?), Cheryl, Mia, other Altonians: Franklin and Bethany and past Altonan - Sierra. Ben - where were you? - Music, both live and DJ'd kept the vibe alive
- The run-up through the grandstand with the flashbulbs, cowbells and screaming fans was the best!
- Drinking Pilsner and "encouraging" racers to try their best
- Racing in a field of 68 riders under the bright lights, tiki-torches, and Christmas lights at a race track!

Thanks to the organizers who dreamed big and made it happen, the volunteers who did so much, and all the racers and fans for cheering everybody on. It all added up to an incredible night.

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  1. Charles was sad to miss this event...however, if you want to see a good drama, come on out to MCI on Sat and Sun at 7:30. Call MCI for tickets and see what Charles and Ben have been up to that has kept them away from rides!! I know they miss you guys too!! ~Jenn (Charles' better half, LOL)