Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

It was a great night for the ABES.  Tom, Curt, Steve, Jeff, Chris, W, Dan, Shaun and I were all giggles in our new gear.  The jerseys were worn with pride as we strutted around town.  We looked smart but we made some dumb decisions when it came to our route.  We rode past barricades to find one section of a gravel road still under repair and soft enough to make it a swervy slog, and when rode past the dirt road barricade, it started as soft dirt and got worse/wetter the further we rode.  The cross bikes ruled the mud but the road bikes needed some TLC to get the wheels rolling again.  A quick trip to the car wash helped salvage the bikes.

We were joined at the clubhouse by Steven, Duke, and Albert.  Patrons were complimenting us on our jerseys but it wasn’t always clear if it was authentic or drunken sarcasm – we took it as drunken compliments and left it at that.  Meeting mintues include: how sweet our new jerseys are, Duke working half-time next year, “Bob Essena”, the Bombers loosing in exhibition, Marvelous Marvin still loves feathering hair, back country camping, The David File, DB being a DB, Dan loosing his nuts, loosing phone reception in the tunnels of Manitoba, the Brian Wilson concert / skipping half of your classes, bike hats and condoms, flooded highways in Saskatchewan, Bonanza memories (tv and restaurant), the Bruins bar tab, the bombastic nature of Ted Nugent, wild boar rectum, and Julia Childs should be dead.  Good times. 

There are two options for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride:  
- DB and Dan are leaving from the 421 and 30 at 7:45 to ride into the US to go to Walhalla – 120 km’s roundtrip.  
- The other group is keeping their passports at home for an 8:00 ride to Plum Coulee – 50 km’s roundtrip – meet at my place.

Next week Pole Vaulter lends his talents as Alleycat coordinator - Tour de Altona - Route 55.

Good times.


  1. Sad to have missed the inaugral ride. Looked like a great night for a ride. Eager to regain my title tomorrow. Wish me luck.


    P.S. The David files are confidential. You've been warned.

  2. Different files. Your file is feared - especially by Duker.

    Good luck at the Sawatzky - Kielke Classic. ? Remember - exhale.

  3. There is an unofficial file for DB. That's why you're a DB. You pay double. J