Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

James, Tom, Steve, Chaz, Evan, Jeff, and I went for a quick paced ride around town.  We tried to coax David out early but he needed more time to apply his make-up.  We found Mike and eventually a pretty David found us.  We totalled 25 km’s as we zipped to the usual hotspots, including the remnants of the old Elks hall where memories of dances, Santa, movies, and first beers (Steve was 14) were shared.  We met Duke at the clubhouse where the minutes included: horrible dentist experiences (past and present), Dukes postdated cheque to Tom with impossible date (September 31 - funny guy), the Big Ride review (Bruce can’t walk stairs, Curt finishes strong and is my new hero), insurance BS from MTS on Dswats phone (that he dropped in the town pool), Butthead runs from the cops, geocaching, Jew-me, Storage Wars, Jets and Bombers season ticket stories, Steve is biking to work, new hockey team: The Winnipeg Threshers, slippery cigs, NBA finals, the ABES fall ride, and Bettman is still a dick.  Good times.  JS 
Fine tuning the precious cargo carrier 
Lookey Lou's

This time it's for real - right?

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride.  I’m camping with family/friends this weekend but if you’re up for a spin, meet at my place at 8:30.  A report on the new restaraunt in Plum Coulee would be appreciated. 
Pole Vaulter has volunteered to be the race coordinator for the next Alleycat – June 30.  Right arm.

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