Friday, June 3, 2011

ThNR Report

The William Conrad Miller Time Trials took place and it hurt as much as it was fun.  We were joined by Micheal Hutton who wanted to check out the ABES scene (welcome).  Steve and Steven were both rocking their new skinny tire bikes and both took advantage on the track. 
The Last Man Out race was won by Gavin, followed by Charles and Evan.  It was an impressive show of power by all three.  Not surprisingly, the same three were on the podium for the 2 lap Time Trial.  Whipper-snapper, clean-living Evan narrowly defeated Gavin and Charles to claim the gold.  Here’s how the rest fared:
Evan – 1:15.53
Gavin – 1:15.66
Charles – 1:16.03
Mike – 1:19.75
Steve – 1:20.28
Shaun – 1:22.47
Steven – 1:25.06
Johnny – 1:25.25
James -  1:30.12
Chris – 1:31.75
Dan – 1:40.16
Derrick – 1:40.56
David Rudisha of Kenya holds the 800 meter world record at 1:41.01.  He ran.  And we beat him!  Silly Kenyan.

The 16 lap relay race was won by Charles and Chris, followed by Gavin and Dan, then Shaun and Steven.

Latecomers Duke, David, Albert, Curt and Tom joined us at the track for a cool-down lap around town before retiring to the clubhouse where we were joinded by long lost ABE Giles who showed off his sweet stache and some hilarious/disgusting video of his broken finger.  Other minutes include: JETS!, stinky ass road trips, the Saturday morning breakfast ride, and The Big ride – Curt, Curt F, Bruce, Charles, Albert, and Mike K are leaving Altona tonight (Friday) at midnight to ride to Steinbach for breakfast, then continue with a fundraiser ride to Red Rock.  The total will be about 255 km’s.  Bruce thinks 255 km’s is for babies so he’s going to ride an extra 45 km’s before the group leaves to bump his total to an impressive 300 km’s.  Sick.  Good job boys.

In bike news of less impressive, but of a more reasonable nature…The Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride will be short and sweet –Nora’s Diner in Gretna.  Meet at my place at 8:30.  JS

Steven gets sassy about his new bike

Steve keeps his bike ABES ready

Shaun and James

Half-way through the Last Man Out race

Classic clip-in fall

Mike H gets ready to hurt.
Time keeper David is rancho-relaxo.

Sweet stache.
Gross pinkie.
Good times.

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