Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday Mountain Bike Ride Report

Steve, Shaun, Mike H and I threw caution to the wind and headed out to ride in the hills.  We rode the T.C.T. from the 201 and made it to the field road before heavy rain, wind and lightning drove us back.  The trails back were greasy and flowing with water which made for an entertaining ride.  We met the Tinker Creek boys on the road who were also caught in the rain riding back to their clubhouse.  We’ll try it again next week.

In other ABES news...

Congratulations go out to Curt and Rachel on the arrival of their third young’n.  I assume they named him Jamis or Abe.

Alleycat Update – Shaun Dog has stepped up to the plate to organize the July Allecat.  Attaboy Shaun. 

From the Desk of Bruce (TWHS) Penner...

Can you put up the invitation to Moose Lake RIde for me?  It will be Saturday, August 20.  Steak Dinner included with accommodations.  187 kms.  The only cost will be sore butts.


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  2. So....sore butt? That seems like a steep price to pay for a steak dinner. Does it come with a baked potato? Wine? Candles?