Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday Night Ride report

From the desk of Albert, via Shaun...

April Fools Eve ride:

The weather was pleasant, although the humidity was somewhat high.  Still a nice evening for a ride;  Paul (W-the other one is wandering around in France somewhere), Tom, Bruce, Duke, James and Albert took part in a leisurely ride about town.  Tom had a flat so the group made a house call to Shaun’s where Bruce did the honors changing the tire.  After a run to the village the group retired to the clubhouse, where the music was quite accommodating. 
There was some grumbling about fixies in slow race, people not getting mustache shaving credits. Additional topics included Jake the snake bike for the Duke, custom bike paint jobs, powder coating (using Shaun’s kiln).  The work is all in the prepping.  Bruce left early to pick up a first date (something not quite right here).  Polevaulter won the Nascar pool, NHL season over next weekend (playoffs should be done by July), election musings (they’re all liars), quiz nite teams-Bunge ringers, gossip teams. 
Also, ‘This hour has 22 minutes’ skits,  politicians managing the media, John A and imbibing, Jurrasic Park vs Cretaceous Park, MCC store record bargains, juke box volume controls at the bar, John A and Wilfred L and music selections –didn’t know they had juke boxes back then, righty tighty, lefty loosey, kamikaze missions, ‘Das Boot’ movie cost overruns on Russian submarines-floating motels, Chernobyl tours—future Japan tours hosted by Gilbert Gottfried, new dome covering for Chernobyl, test flights on migs. Japanese government spokesmen always wear coveralls, Keith Richards’ biography, neutralizing electricity with cow dung-it removes the effects, and naps at the old elks hall.

As you can see the topics were many and varied.
Do what you can with it

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