Monday, April 18, 2011

Bruxelles Race Report

The race at Bruxelles was painful, and often sloggy and dirty, and for half a lap I was looking and feeling great.  Unfortunately there were still 2 and half laps to go. I faded quickly and ended up finishing DFL.  I was thinking of excuses to quit during lap 2 but knew a DNF would not sit right so I soldiered on for the final lap.  I sucked.  But for some reason  I was still grinning 10 hours after the race ended.  Nowhere to go but up I suppose.  Paul K joined me and he kicked A with a first place finish in Citizen.  ABES have won the citizen title every year this race has taken place!  Paul’s group started 3 minutes after I did and he passed me about 8 km’s into the race.  Bruxelles was his sort of race.  Attaboy DB.  The town (maybe 25 houses?) had  a hall where race ceremonies, food, and prizes were divied.  It was nice to see familiar MCA faces again.  Great race Olympia.  JS

Other race pics and reports are found in their usual places.   

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