Friday, April 22, 2011

AlleyKrahn Report

DSwat organized AlleyKrahn (aka Douchefest) where we visited every Krahn household in Altona.  Bruce did not win for a change.  D'Shaun the cheater was the victor (and the provider of beer, so it's all good) and "honoree" Paul K finished DFL - he must be distracted these days with thoughts of riding Mont Ventoux.  Reports would be appreciated Paul.  We're still waiting for reports from our Moab correspondent.

Race results:
Tom: 29:18 + 12 = 41.18
James: 43:43 + 3 = 46.43
Paul K: 47:35 + 9 = 56:35
Johnny: 36:08 + 3 = 39:08
Gavin: 36:08 + 3 = 39:08
Duker: 44:48 + 9 = 53:48
Curt: 41:05 + 6 = 47:05
Bruce: 30:51 + 15 = 45:51
Shaun: 27:14 + 9 = 36:14
Jeff: 36:21 + 3 = 39:21

It seems that riding directly to the clubhouse and taking all the penalties would have resulted in a first place finish.  A strategy that I may employ at a future race.
We were joined at the clubhouse by Sausage Baron Scott P, Brent, Chad, Brad and Paul "you're not the boss of me" B.  Minutes include: the Canucks are in trouble, 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge - Team ABES, the FGBC Spring Ride (only for those that like good times, bikes, beer, and dogs), poker tournaments in Morden and the ACC, Schiesse's new/old radio to match his sweet furniture, Jeff abandoned his beer - boo-urns, bacon recipes, Jari to Kurri, bum-pokes and naytahs, riding etiquette, stop signs as yields, safron ice cream and the falafel wrap around.  Good times.

Saturday morning bike ride and brunch.  We'll depart from my house at 8:30.  Let me know if you plan on riding.  JS

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