Friday, April 15, 2011

ThNR Report

Another Thursday night, another large peloton terrorizes the community.  Of the 15 dudes out last night (another impressive turnout), only 2 were on a mountain bike.  That's a lot of skinny tires compared to a year or two ago.  We were joined by long lost ABE Jeff K and bike club whore, Thomas.  The ride was quick and lasted a solid hour.  We mostly avoided the mud this week, lost Pole Vaulter near the park but picked up Albert at the North end of town.  Paul B joined us at the clubhouse where the minutes include: the full order Breakfast Boat at Four Winds, the lemon pie switcharoo b-slap, there is a 96% chance that the Jets will return to Winnipeg, new refugees have moved to Altona and are super pumped - must be the start of the playoffs, Animal Farm/The Pigman, insane contract riders = quality control, Paul and cousin Karl will be featured in the local production of Pride and Predjudice (they are currently looking for representation), my sweet new bike/camping trailer, the Mac store (cult) Genius Bar = Tool Bar, the Garwood Grill and their rat infestation, Del Rios doesn't fully understand vegetarianism, and Paul B and the maid - yada, yada, yada.  Good times.  JS

Curt pays his spaz tax 

Paul K submitted this self-examination...

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  1. Great ride agreed but I really don't like it when a leave a lone rider behind to the unknown. Uncool and not very ABESy in my books.