Saturday, April 30, 2011

ThNR Report - late edition

The warmer weather brings the ABES out in us; that, or a thinly veiled cover for looking for spring cleaning treasures left out on the curbs of Altona.  Last night Tom, Duke, James, W, Ben, Evan, Charles, Shaun, Jeff and I were joined by long lost ABE Chris Franz and even longer, loster ABE Schiesse.  Ben and W were both trying clipless pedals for the first time so a slow-motion fall seemed promising – we were disappointed as they both remained upright the entire night – maybe next week.  It was a short ride but we visited the track at Miller, checked out the new bike Charles had painted for his son, tried unsuccesfully to lure Curt out of childcare duties, and rode the usual perimeter routes.  We were joined by David at the Clubhouse where minutes included: NHL playoff madness, “my PEN exploded in my pants”, wild boars, DB and Albert have failed to file reports – too busy riding I guess, the big announcement (Jets/Flashers), Quick Change has been found, wedding and election pomp, Chef Ron and Miss Evie are opening a deli on Main St. (the old, old Macloeds store), the weekend snowstorm watch, Alleycat championship month, ABES Time Trials v. 1.1, and the spring ride takes place in 4 weeks!  

Tom will cut you as soon as look at you 
Bruce assumes he is winning
Chaz customizes his sons Specialized

Curt shows up for mini-van club
Ben and W figure out clipless pedals
Rest stop - W in the background hoping not to unclip
Good times

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