Sunday, April 17, 2011


So PK is heading out on Good Friday.  Some fancy-schmantzy cycling trip to Frenchieland or something.  So what better occasion than the night before to send him off in style...his own alleycat.  Ok, I'll admit.  Its not really that much about PK.  And chances are he won't even show up. But ever since his loving firstborn so readily nicknamed him his entire ABES being has been permeated with said moniker.  He's even referenced it himself (see previous post).  So to celebrate its existence we bring you....

Don't expect much.  To truly honor PK and his spotty attendance I thought it only fitting to give it a half-assed effort on my part.  Oh well.  Its a race.  Show up and have some fun.  $5 entry fee.  Bring a pen/pencil.


p.s.  Summer's Eve brand has no financial sponsorship of this race.