Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thursday Night Ride

8:00 at my place.  

I'll be at the Folk Fest with a bunch of dirty hippies.  Good times.  JS


  1. Might swing by after for a refreshment. Family din-din in the 'Peg Thursday night.

  2. So I'm "No-show Barriault"! LOL, got you all as I finally showed. Was a great ride with the pace set by James. James and I decide to see if we could ride around town looking for ABES members! We met up with Shawn (hope that's the right spelling)and then a little later Phil. Rode for about a hour and then hit the post ride water hole. Met 2 more chaps,sorry didn't remember the names. So half a dozen guys and good times by all! I left a little after 12:00 and thought to myself that it was about time I rode with some of you guys.....

  3. Oop's forgot to mention, Tom riding around looking for us as he had worked till 9:00....LOL He found us 1/2 hour later......should of started at the bar first. it would of saved you some time....LOL

    Larry B.
    (no-show Barriault)