Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Gavin, Tom, Phil, Chris, Albert and I enjoyed pre-race warm-up laps around town.  Low numbers got lower as Tom bolted from the group without a word and Albert needed to take a nap before bed.  The new paved road on the north end of town is a nice option and the absence of washboards appreciated.  One lap turned into three and the next thing you know it was time to visit the clubhouse.  If we get enough ABES we'll race next week.  James joined us for the final lap around town.  Phil tells me we rode 33.6 k, 25.6 k/h average, 1 hour 18 minutes 42 seconds, elevation gain/loss - the hill.  Clubhouse banter included the daily harassment schedule of bugs, Hot Pursuit idiotic awesomeness, Folk Fest recap (Neil Young is coming next year!), wood warships, Polynesian way-finders, CFL, beer snakes, 100 Ways to Die, Mark Renshaw's V Zinedine Zidane's headbutt, Pic a Pop flavors (blue?), homemade bars of shampoo, Bob Probert "greatest fighter ever", Phil mentioned that this summer he rode around Altona for 6 hours without a break.  He also had some McDonalds delivered to the clubhouse.  I'm not sure which feat impressed me more.  Good times.  JS



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