Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Time for some F-U-N at the track.  The Thursday Night Ride begins at ABES HQ at 8:00.  Time to revisit the local oval.  I'm looking forward to getting on my bike after the Folk Fest reacquainted me with my love of sunny days and lazing around with good people and music.  See y'all there.  JS


  1. I am out for tonight. Cindy's heading off to Morden for the eve.

  2. Just a note for you guy's that like to ride at Moto-Park X, the track is now been tilled up, and is being prepped for our next race, and is not very bicycle friendly for the next couple of weeks.


    Colin Braun

  3. Thanks for the update Colin. We had talked about a Wednesday night ride, but once again you guys thwart our plans by ripping up the course like you own the place. Good luck with the race. JS