Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

The rain subsided in time for team ABES to do there thang.  Justin, David, Kyle, Shaun, Charles, Gavin, Tom, Mark, Giles, and I took it to the streets for a bit of pedal pushing.  Tom was showing off his sweet new ride, Kyle stepped it up with some slicks for his Grinder, and Dan showed up in his car to say he was sore.  Dan should confirm the Alley Cat for next week as soon as the details are finalized.  Tom volunteered to coordinate the August Alley Cat.  Clubhouse banter and popcorn was flowing and we were graced by Huebner who regaled us with Hot Pursuit tales and how he beat the orphaned African kids.  We were also joined by Phil, Paul, Larry, James, Duke and eventually Steve.  Other topics included MTS bashing, air-vacing puppies, the upcoming bike shower for Tom (presentation manditory), the meat guy, GPS/DVBS, Paul DB Krahn raped by Hot Pursuit donation,  Arvid Loewen beats personal record of Vancouver to Winnipeg by 18 hours, Pauls equipment research in Wankler, Vegas, organinzing/loosing things, and Tom proclaims, "good riddance to the Jets".  Bold statement.    Justin is looking for a new road bike.  He also agreed to spiffy up the logo.  Sweet.  Good times.  JS

Dan drives to the ride to say he can't ride

Tom sporting his new cross bike

Tom utilizing his spy pen

Gavin looking fast with his new haircut

Lance looking down on Chris at the clubhouse

Paul showing off his new shoe and pasty leg

Steve made a late night appearance

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  1. Glad to hear the bike is back to its rightful owner. Nobody messes with The ABES. JS