Friday, July 2, 2010


Canada Day!

It was a hot and sticky ride tonight with ten ABES showing up for the ride:  Johnny, Paul B. (I have to start using the suffix again since DB has re-emerged), Mark, Shaun, Jeff, Chris Franz (welcome!), the Duker, Giles (welcome back!), James and myself.

After starting off with a quick little tour of Western Altona (and already a lot of sweat buildup) we cruised through the Village to HWY 30.  It was here that the ride took a decidedly different twist.  "Hey, let's check out the motocross track", someone said.  We're not sure who to thank/blame for this suggestion but we decided it was a good idea anyways.  Throw it under the category of "Hey!  It's Canada Day!".  So Eastward to the track we went.

The Moto Park X had a different feel since the last time I rode it.  The corners were a bit looser and the lines not so defined.  Not as easy to negotiate.  Then again I was on a MTN bike last time and this time I ventured forth with my road bike.  As we all did.  It was a skinny tire off road festivus.  Probably not our smartest move to date.  Highlights of the track:  trying to stay upright, hoping not to blow a tire (luckily, and perhaps with divine intervention, no one did!), Chris' near fatal descent off the big hill, Jeff making the steep downturn look easy (see video), Mark making the same descent look much more difficult (see video) and racing the kiddie course.  Ahhhh the kiddie course!  Much more to our liking.  We know our limitations.

After the gruelling turn on the track we essentially ambled back to Duker's place taking the scenic route (the Trans Canada trail from the Village).  A small detour onto Dave and Kathleen Hildebrand's old yard led to the discovery of the world's largest bible.  Sitting on a woodpile.  Ready to be burned.  We never thought we'd see the day when Old Man Dave would burn a bible.  Apparently the End Times are closer than we'd thought.  Since Grumpy's was closed for the holiday (as was the vendor) we climbed up Duke's newly completed Stairway to Heaven and refreshed ourselves while relaxing on his rooftop patio.  Very sweet.  Topics included the marathon, Link and the Moustaches, a Paraguayan exodus, random assassination, Stephenfield camping and probably biking.  Good times.  We capped it all off nicely by watching an obscured version of the Canada Day fireworks and then some delicious dogs ala Duker.  Many thanks for hosting!

Paul B. checking out the patio pre-ride

Chris Franz and Mark discussing their marathon experiences

James powering up the hills

The scenic views of Altona's Moto Park X

Album cover? fast we can barely capture him on camera

Mark...looking better than on video

Lost faith?  Or Divine compensation...

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  1. I can only asspire to look as great as you guys ... all of you guys!