Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Last night's ride was a torrid pace. I know this because from my couch I saw a foursome of James, Shaun, Phil, and some other guy (which I later discovered to be "No Show Larry") dart by my place around 9:15. (Leo and I had the Phase 1 of the Thursday night ride several hours earlier). Somehow Thomas joined with the posse for a stint.

We all gathered at HQ and were later joined by Steve Three Knuckles. (He seems to have lost 2 knuckles on his injured softball hand) and David S. 

Topics of conversation were dominated by the boys from CVO and included the Humphrey Lift, Unknown Management, Internal Politics, Tom's ambition (or lack thereof). Other topics also included the Bombers, World Cultures, the whereabouts of Lorne and International Espionage. On several occasions Tom afforded himself the opportunity to employ his own Jr. Spy hardware with his Swisscard (see above pic). Features include: a shiv, a needle-thin pen, a light, and probably a decoder of some sort. If you need some low level secret Tom's your man. Congratulations also to Tom for winning a golf bag at "the Cleaners". Now all he needs are some clubs.

A very special welcome to No Show Larry. He is working very hard to shed his attached moniker. Notable omissions were the Host with the Most Jonny and of course Paul and his Old Dutch products. The popcorn was extra-extra salty.


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