Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just a few video highlights from last night's roller racing finale at the Belgian Club in beautiful downtown Winnipeg, MB. More pics and reminiscing to follow...

Late edition: The ABES took our dog and pony show to the Belgian Club last night for a St Patrick's day roller racing party. The 500m race had 20 riders and was dominated by alpha male Dave P. who outspun Don S. The featured (and funnest) race of the night was the 1000m team relay. Curt was recuited by one of the three FGBC teams and helped them tie for the gold with RRR. The ABES trio of David (ride slow, drink fast), Bruce and I were proud to receive the bronze. Bruce won the door prize of two (which turned into four) seats in a luxury suite for a Manitoba Moose game. Good times. JS


  1. Good times, good times!

    Nice to see/meet some of the ABES last night.

  2. It was nice to meet some of RRR too; some of you, not so much. Too bad you needed to bring in a ringer to beat ABES in the relay. JS