Sunday, March 7, 2010

AWBF Report

That was awesome. A lot of good people and bike fun.

The group ride was a chance to check out the town, play knockdown games and try to climb the hill. It was a good to see so many bikes on the roads. Some would call it witnessing.

From the desk of race coordinator Myron Dyck...
Yesterday's alleycat race featured 8 teams. It was good to see the country mouse/city mouse cultural exchange with the teams. It made the race more enjoyable for the folks venturing south of the Perimeter. Some highlights of the race included Shaun's Shooting Range (way to go lil' dude!!), Steven and Gavin getting cherried and lectured by a cop. I think it was the ghost of Chief Bob Mart. But they adhered rules of alleycat (the first rule of alleycat is that you don't talk about alleycat-classy moves gents!!). There were several teams who did not follow the third rule of alleycat (we all know what the second rule is) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Several teams arrived at the finish line and were resent out to complete the race because they thought they knew what they were doing, but really they didn't. Falling victim to this false sense of acumen were the DFLers David and James...way to go...I guess. But, in the end the race was won by a team of minstrels, lead by the wiley local on vocals Paul B. and backed up nicely by Daryl B. and Jon G. They rode a clean race, which allowed them to avoid any 5 min. additions, and Pee Bee got a 30 sec. shave for his uncharacteristically wrathful behavior in the knockdown. Congratulations chaps, now go write a song about it. All-e-cat...alle-cat.
Here are the full results :
1. Paul, Jon, Darryl 2. Ben, Jeff 3. Chris 4. Gavin, Steven 5. Bruce, Charles, Kurt 6. Matt, Albert, Dan 7. Lorne, Victor, Evan 8. James, David
Thanks to all who came out. I hope you had a good time. MD

Thank YOU.

The trio of Darryl the secretary, Jonny good times and Paul the navigator won with a clean ride.

Ben and Jeff took second place.

Huebner slipped to third with some bad math. Cheer up Chris. I'm sure you'll have better luck at the roller races.

Gavin and Steven won prizes for being cool under pressure.

James and David took the DFL distinction and won some flawed pottery for a flawed effort.

I'm not sure what the total attendance was (40-45?) but we had 28 registered for the roller races which was a highlight for many. It proved to be entertaining and painful. 3 of the 4 finalists were ABES (funny/awesome). I was lucky enough to race a tired Huebner in the finals for the win.

Big thanks to Tim Woodcock (who brought the bikes) and Erick Oland (who brought the roller racers). That was awesome. You guys are awesome.

Dave Epp brought a couple of unicycles. Nick showed off his skillz.

David's (109) rink dogs were awesome as usual. There was a two way tie for dogfest champion - Evan and Joshua both ate 9 - impressive. The chips were plentiful. You could usually see a giggle of children around the chip buffet table. Big props for Sawatzky and Son's Electric. Proud sponsor of this event since it's inception.

We were able to watch the basketball game in the chapel between the Blue Devils and the Tar Heels. After 5 years of loosing on the final day of the regular season, Duke finally won a game dominating a decimated Tar Heels team that won the tourney a year ago.

Thanks to all that contributed to this great day.

A slideshow with a comprehensive collection of photos will be put up soon'ish.

Good times boys and girls. Well done. JS


  1. Wish I could've made it, but thanks for the pics, vids and stories ... fun biking times in Altona again with the ABES!

  2. It was a great day! Thanks Johnny!