Thursday, March 4, 2010

AWBF blip

Apparently T.E.D. was unable to fix the satellite. Which is to say unless an ABES has an alternative plan, we will be S.O.L for the basketball game at S.O.L. for the A.W.B.F.

So we won't be able to watch this...
or this...
and this...
Again. Duke has a really good shot at breaking the streak this year too.

Any bright ideas? JS


  1. That is more than a blip. It's a deal breaker. Are there not tvs in Altona? And cable packages? Or perhaps computers and internet connections? Suddenly I feel a lot less lusty.

  2. Don't worry - your lust will be fulfilled - don't bust your nut just yet. JS

  3. The game CAN be recorded and brought over from my place like last year, but it'll be a late start time then. Can't disconnect at my place until the game is over.

    As for those images, all beautiful indeed. Unfortunately, barring some divine (need I say, Dantesque) intervention I'd bet good money Duke breaks the streak this year. We don't need that win anyways. We have to focus on winning the ACC tournament (since its our only hope of getting in!)

  4. Late start = not good. At least for those of us who have to drive back Saturday night.