Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ThNR – CX Edition

This week we’ll gather at ABES headquarters at 7:00 so we can ride the SX13 course before the sun sets. 

It seems that the first laps of a new cross course suck arse, but the more you ride it, the more fun it gets as you slowly begin to understand the lines, when to shift and where to stay off the brakes.  We best git learnin.  See you at 7:00.  JS


  1. And don't forget Cross Vegas is on tomorrow. I watched it online last year and I'll try and find another free feed tomorrow. Any one know of one already? D-Shaun, Interweb guru?


  2. Anyone want to help me fill some holes on the course before the ride tomorrow? Bring a shovel or a rake and meet me at the park shop at 6:00

  3. Guru? I prefer pirate. There's a bit more asshole in pirate.

    I don't know if there was some official stream last year from CrossVegas. It was on Ustream and 2012 still shows up there. There might be a slight chance a pirated feed will pop up on Ustream, but it looks like Cyclingdirt (these guys know there's a fucking space bar?) is 'offering an exclusive premium live feed to pro accounts'. Sounds fancy. $150 fancy according to:


    And I'll try to make it to the park for the hole filling. I'll probably be a little late.

  4. Yeah, that's the only feed I could find. And us cheap Menno's would never pay that much. So I'll keep looking tonight.


  5. Replies
    1. I will be at the park shop at 6:00 with the Tool CAT loader. There's soil for filling holes availbale near the ball diamond.