Sunday, September 29, 2013

ThNR Report

Ben, Albert, Gavin, Steve, Dan, Kris, DB, Franklin, Jeff, Tom, Shaun and I took to the dark streets and SX course.  David and Steven joined us at the clubhouse where minutes include: Stevens report on the sweet Burwaldy woods single-track, a lack of wings on wing night (two weeks in a row = boo) had us riding to McD’s for a mid-meeting greasing, Dan has double B O, Paul is cyclo-lusting, Franklin intends on making SX13 a gong show, Jews Harp V Mouth Organ, a Tom Waits album played on the juke box – a pleasant change, Dan promised an upcoming Thursday Night French Fry Ride, prince Albert (the man, the myth, the piercing), and sausage-bicycle awards.  Good times.  JS

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