Friday, September 13, 2013

ThNR Report

Shaun, Gavin, Steven, Chaz, James and I met to sample the SX13 course at the park.  Steven had mowed through the tall grass and we could finally see what the terrain had to offer.  We found a couple of holes and tree stumps but nothing the good people from the town can’t fix.  The course flows well and the mowed sections on the hill look cool.  It’s going to be sweet (painful).  We were joined by Albert, Dan, Franklin, and DB.  We spied Tom and Duke cycling about but they don’t play well with others and tend to avoid the peloton.  We all convened at the clubhouse where the minutes include: watching Teemu V the Jets, Gavin Whoreschou, stop the spread of ABES, DX13 awesomeness was the awesomest, passing like a boss, everybody wants to be Mr. Black, Shaun has lost 45 lbs by riding bike and hating life, pantyhose bibs, Leo “Dutch boy” Dyck likes to plug holes, Steve Perry, Buffalow wings, Peter Sagan knows how to load his bike, Franklin finds Mark Cavendish and Zach Bogosian dreeeamyyy, my clumsy attempt as a percussionist - I could be 2nd triangle material if i practiced, DB and Franklin have started Cross Club at high school (right on), new jersey design, DSwank bought a round with his VLT winnings and Franklin took his winnings and ran away.  Good times.  JS
Winner winner chicken dinner - see you suckers later!
Shaun doesn't need these anymore

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