Friday, September 6, 2013

ThNR Report

Steve, James, Gavin, Curt, DB, Mike, Chris, Franklin and I headed to the park to test the Southern Cross course and practice stumbling over barriers; it was good fun, and funny.  We also rode the new town pathway which like all roads in Rocktona, led us to the clubhouse.  Tom, Pole Vaulter, David, Duke, and Albert rode their own routes and Steven had to walk his bike due to a broken chain.  Minutes include: party like it’s 1986, Dark Cross is upping the ante on the fun factor, Gavin is a whore, Head for the Hills goodness, SWiebo makes bike-park kids cry, Ryder Hesjedal wins a 5 lap race - forgets it’s a 6 lap race, ABES fashion, Steve was steamed about bush league hockey bushiness, Walmart family pictures, and biker bars.  Good times.  JS

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