Friday, May 10, 2013

TT Report

David organized a time trial race that saw us depart headquarters at one minute intervals, racing on 2 miles of cement and 8 miles of gravel.  I returned to the clubhouse spent and had to fight the urge to puke. 

Franklin raced his new ninja bike to victory with a 5 second victory over Gavin.  Steven took the bronze edging out Shaun by 2 seconds.  That was fun.  Well done boys.  

David submitted these...

We were joined at the clubhouse by Duke, Tom and Sens-whore Dan.  Minutes include: Gavin used to be a malt liquor fatty, Albert over packs, stocking up on 20 cent cheeseburgers, Super Dave Osborne and Mr. Fuji, Dan may need surgery on his knuckle from of a freak zipper injury, Curt has a new job in Stinkler, bike fitting, MUERTO training, and Schiesse aaalmost came to bike club.  Good times.

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