Friday, May 24, 2013

ThNR Report

Franklin, Schiesse, Gavin, Steven, James, Albert, Shaun, Paul W, Tom, Dan, Mike, Evan, Curt and I took to the streets to cycle about our fair hamlet.  It was agreed that Franklin and Gavin are studs and we hate them.  We met David, Steve and Duke at the clubhouse where the minutes include: Steven is looking for a Malibu/El Camino conversion kit, catcher V pitcher, bone fire, Mels Rock Pile – Gretna edition, hot dogs (good) and cauliflower salad (bad) , we submitted our ABES bike weekend beer requests (a keg of Coors Light Iced Tea and a carton of menthols), cream corn V queen porn, Franklin requested a tour de Neche bike ride, Steven and James had a cathartic bitch session about work, the ABES finance committee made a motion to donate a cool G for the new skate/bike park – it was approved unanimously, Hooters bike club, and Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is an ass clown.  Good times.

David's beer is soo good

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