Friday, May 3, 2013

ThNR Report

A small gat this week - Steven, Gavin, Shaun, Franklin and I rode a few quick laps around town and called it quits.  Duke and Tom found their own routes and David, Dan, James and Giles cycled straight to the clubhouse.  Minutes include: eating discarded chicken bones with sweat and sour dipping sauce, Mike was recently forced off the road - into the ditch and over his handlebars thanks to a couple of yahoo teen drag racers – apprehended the drivers and turned them over to the cops, my Vietnamese spring roll efforts were promising but need refining, Ang’s burgers are the biggest and the best, the professor pukes out a window and onto a car in Minneapolis, Albert Falk cutout possibilities, chewing tobacco, Giles had a house in Winnipeg, I almost bought a new bike for my kids, the sport of squirrel fighting is about to happen, Giles recently played deke out the BB gun and is (or should be) planning a paintball/capture the flag/warrior weekend at ‘his’ cabin, Nash informed us that the price of wings has gone up, bully birds, Dan accidently wore his stupid Senators jersey, the Whiteshell weekend is gaining momentum and the meat draw is a sweet draw.  Good times.

Franklin joyfully smiles while showing the secret sign
of the devil with his Franklin baseball gloves.
So confusing and so good.
Saturday afternoon road ride.  Confirmed('ish): Steven, Giles, Shaun, Cheryl and I.  Meet at my place at 1:00.  Everyone’s invited - the more the merrier (easier).  JS

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