Friday, May 31, 2013

ThNR Report

DNS David, Mike, Franklin, Albert, Chaz, Steven, Gavin, James, Curt, Paul W, Shaun and I gathered in the garage to imbibe some pre-ride bitters.  Most of the group left before James was out of the crapper so we were a splintered group to begin with and things continued to disintegrate from there.  The clubhouse is our beacon and we eventually reconvened.  Duke and Giles joined the meeting where minutes include: Gavin looks like he got a haircut, Chaz was riding his spiffy new single speed 29’er, group rides that ride as a group, David wants to make a Barf Vader shirt, Albert was riding a new back-up-back-up bike, Curt brought his new carbon 29’er, Duke observed that hard liquor tiptoes  - and then it pounces, Giles sold his house and bought a house (yaa/boo), Pole Vaulter bought a trike to tote his beer keg (figurative and literal), the cream corn and sliced hotdog miagrope, flying squirrel V lightning bug – which is better, and a good dump can save you a thousand dollars worth of bike upgrades.  Good times.

DB reports that the wool jerseys are ready to be embroidered – just in time for summer!  Drop-off your jersey at WC Miller or ABES headquarters ASAP.  Be sure to write your name on the tag for good measure. 

Albert submitted this photo of PW.
Soon to be a trikegle.

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