Friday, May 17, 2013

ThNR Report

Giles, James, DB, Shaun, Steven, Franklin, Gavin, Schiesse, Tom, Ben, Evan, Duke and I rode around town and scouted out new race course options at the park.  Giles was looking for bold lines at every opportunity, and eventually emerged from the pond with his bike covered in reeds - well played sir.  We found Sawgimpzky at the clubhouse where minutes included: Giro sprints, shaved legs, SC logos, my stupid old man knee, divergent lifestyles, smart-phone V dumb-ass, the mullet is making a comeback, we couldn’t decide which was more offensive – the “I shaved my balls for this?” t-shirt or the construction dude wearing white Capri pants, David provided a Justin Bieber tour report, Living Colour lead singer Cory Glover is/is not Danny Glovers son, animated helmet law discussions were fun, AC/DC rocks, the Fargo waffle pattern is essential, Motley Crue autobiography – The Dirt, climbing MTS towers, ball biter DSwat tries to claim the moral high ground, dying quickly ain’t so bad, Giles is the Zach Bogosian of ABES, Stinkler surfer dude Jeff doubled-up and bought the clubhouse a round, and the Altona Cigarette Enthusiast Society – Go ACES!

DB drips from his chicken wing induced sweats
Steven captured this...

Good times.

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