Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday Night Ride Report

Shaun, DB, Franklin, Gavin, James, Mike, Chris, Dan G, Lyle and I were out for our weekly rituals.  The ABES welcome mat was out and we had two new riders – Lyle and Dan G.  “New” bikes were on display as Dan was sporting a very purty, 1980’s colour scheme Fiori and Franklin is now extra zippy and skinny tire happy on his Sekini.  This week our ride took us to the usual haunts including the country cemetery for a spin around the min-oval.  The Bomber game and rehydrating were priorities so we returned to our beloved clubhouse where we were joined by Duke, Steve and Paul B.  Minutes include: BOMBERS WIN – I haven’t heard chants ofJoey since this, hula-hoop entertainment, memories of rolling cigarettes, Paul B’s bought a 28’ fifth-wheeler apartment, tall bikes (68 cm) V tall-bikes (double-deckers), Birken-boots, Lyle was happy to move out of the big shitty, James Duthie got caught staring, MCI peep-holes and pee-holes, the Co-ops, smoking pubes, the 2013 sunflower festival Gentlemen’s Ride – 165 km’s of cement and gravel goodness, Eric Clapton is nice but not UGH-good, Coldplay wristbands make the audience part of the light show, Bethany is due in September (but everything is early this year), Steve suggests two cycling destinations in South Dakota: Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway, cycling efficient V comfortable V fun, needing to buy tailored shirts for gangly and giant body types, Duke and Glenn Bergen are going for a weekend camping/cycling adventure, Shania Twain and Lionel Richie’s sing Endless Love, DB’s bike was stolen from the clubhouse (boo) but abandoned across the street (yaa), Lyle is starting Tall Boy Brewery – the first batch will be called Anne Funk nee Braun ale.  Good times.  JS

Chris and Shaun are digging Dan G's new steed
Franklin is happy to go skinny
DB helps a brother
Mike ensures his son goes fast
Lyle rides the circle of death
Hey it's Franklin, Dan and Lyle
DB ponders, then BS's
Returning home to watch the Bombers 


  1. Tomorrow AM breaky ride to Plum Coulee? Yes? DB and Margruite will be there. Leave time?

  2. Oh crap, I forgot to mention the Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride. Meet at my place at 8:30. We’ll cycle to Franklin’s house to test-ride his cyclocross course, then on to Plum Coulee for some bacon and eggs.

  3. Nice work ABES! Sorry to have missed that one but welcome to Lyle and fellow T of A employee Dan. Heading to the mountains tomorrow to shred some serious hills. Up and down. On the gondola. Sweet.

  4. Sounds great! I'll be ready.