Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ITT Report

Bruce Penner reports...

The Sunday morning weather proved to be a beautiful start to the Provincial ITT race in Reinland.  Total racers competed were 73 and 33 of these were a part of the Abes Grossen Preise! 
A steady breeze from the west was going to be the challenge for all riders heading out. 
The day began with registration at the Reinland Community Center.  The officials were kept busy with all the registrants from 12:00-1:00.  From here everyone headed over to the Border Valley School, 1 mile south, to begin the racing! ... Oh, and then James and Shaun showed up to register...
Steady send-offs from the commissars kept most people on their toes.  Carl Penno, I understand wanted to allow for a 1 minute handicap by taking a bit more time in warmups!
Our first ABE, to display his skills was Paul K, who finished 4th in his category.  19.2 kms with a time of 33:09!

Gavin showed the rest of us who deserves the podium with a blistering time of 28:29 in the distance of 16.1 kms!  He finished 3rd!

On to more racing and some stunning bikes...you'll find many pictures with shared links below...

After a race like this it's good to unwind and talk about the day and hope for more.  Paul and Donna of the Altona Cleaners made this day complete by having a hotdog BBQ with all the fixin's ready for us back at the community center.  A podium built of hay bales, sheaves of wheat for the winners and a special treat by having our very own Sunflower Queen, Sarah Hildebrand and Princess Mandy Peters present the medals.  

Jason Carter of the MCA left with comments congratulating communities like Altona.  "This is why Manitoba has champions in cycling" he said.

Coach Bessie knows how to motivate cyclists
Thanks Bruce.  Sounds like it was a good day.  I was sorry to miss it.  As soon as Bruce includes the "pictures with shared links", I'll add the real ITT pictures to the report.

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  1. Hi guys. Here are a few more pictures of the TT day...https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7fwc1q63bz39l5t/xMABzjRQWO