Friday, August 24, 2012

ThNR Report

Steve, Franklin, Pole Vaulter, Gavin, Ike, Shaun, Tom, James, Duke, DB, Chris, Steven, Schiesse, Curt, Dan G, and I went on the most grueling Thursday night ride I can remember.  DB, Gavin and Steven seemed to have cross on their minds as the pace was furious through town and country.  I was struggling and got blown apart again and again.  It was great.  In retrospect, indulging in the pre-ride Israeli Lucky Strike smoke may not have been wise.  We were joined at the clubhouse by the gimp where the minutes included: Southern Cross water features and FREE CANDY, Dark Cross flyover alterations, power watt meters, Curt’s back is F’n F’d, Franklins bicycle motor, sneaking beers into movie theatres, kids bike modifications, Stevens screwed threads, donkey baseball in Halbstadt, carbon fiber bike with a tea towel chamois, Ebay is the new crack, Cross Lab, Steven lands on his back attempting to catwalk, 7-11 hotdogs and cheese pump, David’s Cross season is on hold with an infected elbow – hopes to be back for SC, Duke knows: when drinking - choose a friend, Road Trip 2012 aka broke bike mountain, the Can-Am non-invitational bike ride, broke back burger (a hunk of meat between two firm buns), Schiesse says Bob Dylan should stop touring, and DB claims he is “over” PB (he is not).  Good times.

Steve starts "collecting" stakes 

Albert is interested in a Saturday morning breakfast ride.  Post a comment if you want to join him.  

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