Friday, August 3, 2012

ThNR Report

Mike, Steven, Franklin, Bruce, Franz, Douche Bag, Shaun, Dan, Pole Vaulter, Jared and I  took a trip to the Altona mountains known as moto park x.  It was a treat to ride around the little and the big course - it's so fun - and nothing beats fun.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by David, Duke, Tom, James, Lorne and Paul B.  Minutes include: the Athena Race Team kicking ass and looking good in the ABES jersey, Shaun's achy-breaky-irregular heart, James is baack from Baaston Mass., the July 18 2013 wrestling grudge match between SWiebo and Dtwat is greatly anticipated, the techno music at the clubhouse did not hit the mark but the volume was tolerable, Dan is recording Moments of Meditation (medication) for CFAM, Paul is investigating living in a trailer - maybe, DB plans to sail around Greek islands in 2013, Steven reported his amazing hikes in Alberta and getting schooled by 80 year olds, olympic alleycat?, Lorne plans to see The Boss at the Canmore folk fest, dumb dumb David tries in vain to open an opened screen door, all Road Trip pictures should be given to Shaun who will set up a sharing site, Lorne orders chicken-fingers and fries and complains when he gets chicken-fingers and fries, and who else would plan a barn concert to coincide with the ThNR but DB.  Good times.

This weekend is the ITT championships.  I’m sad to say I can’t make it (life ‘n such) but it should be a fun outing so get out there and give’r ya’ll.  The Getnshitdone Committee has already begun to roll out the goodness...

You can also expect to see the newly crowned Sunflower Festival Queen doling out congratulatory kisses at the awards ceremonies.

Next weekend we have two deluxe cycling options.  If you like it fat and knobby, the Back 40 mountain bike race in Morden will see racers enjoy some of the sweetest, flowiest trails in Manitoba.  If you prefer skinny and hard, the Moose lake road ride will see participants cycle the 200 km’s from Rocktona to Moose lake for a well deserved steak and beer.  Decisions, decisions...


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