Friday, August 10, 2012

ThNR Report

Tom, Chaz, Gavin, Shaun, Rudy, Franz man, James, PW, Dan, Mike and I zipped around town like we usually do – getting split into groups.  Some of us stopped at Pole Vaulters house so he could get a faster bike, then we stopped at che Chaz for a slower bike.  David is still recovering from suckyitis but did manage to join us at the clubhouse.  Minutes included: the back 40 race contestants, The dark lord/podium queen , Tom’s owns the heaviest steel road bike - 33 pounds, cyclist Victoria Pendleton vows to never race again, Joanne falls on her face and states “I pulled a Steven”, wanted: 24” kids road/cross bike, Paul B and Jonny G were getting into the groove at the Krahn barn concert, the German discuss athlete wins gold medal - loses his Olympic credentials  during his celebration and had to sleep in a train station, the SaHiebzky clan won the Sealy Mattress Race at the Goldeyes game, Garry Bettman is Satan (and looks like The Count), Athena ITT racers were impressive, Jeff Reinbold is a DB, and the Olympics make me cry (and snicker - and laugh).  Good times.  JS

Chaz wanted a change of pace 
I'm not sure why

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