Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

Charles, David, Steve, Shaun, Mike, Curt and I rode around town to the usual haunts.  The cold wind blew/blows.  Most of us returned to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke, Tom, Derrick and Paul B.  ABES minutes include: insurance rebates, loosing badly at the Morden poker tournament, the squishy bike test ride, MCC tire sale, the shifty Russians beating Canada, N. Carolina basketball team ranked #1 and will play a preseason game on an aircraft carrier, navajo ultramarathon smoke/beer breaks, Lieutenant Toews, Arvid Loewen raising money and kicking ass, the street food cookbook, acme dynamite, and Buck Pierce and Obby Khan One-obi will be speaking about how awesome the Bombers are at a luncheon at the Altona Curling Club this Wednesday – tickets $15 – contact DSwat to make your reservation at the ABES table, and The World Will End May 21 = hookers, blow and panda burgers.  Good times.

A cleanly shaven Charles
Paul enjoys an apple.  Sicko.


Saturday morning breakfast ride – Emerson – meet at my place at 8:30.  This guy will be there...

Tuesday evening mountain bike ride at the 201/Trans Canada Trail – meet at my place at 6:30 – RSVP and note if you need or can provide a ride.

Spring Ride Weekend takes place in 2 weeks!  

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