Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABES mountain bike report

Well done boys - 12 riders went to the hills to take part in some of the finest single track riding in Manitoba.  To be clear, it's the trails that are fine, not our (my) riding.  Charles, Evan, Jared, Jeff, Mike, Ben, David, Albert, Steve, Curt, Shaun and I huffed, puffed and fell on the Trans Canada/tinker trials.  We all felt fortunate not to run into the Tinker Stallions.  We kept together until the double-double split the group into two groups - Abes and aBes.  I rode with the clydesdales in team aBes.  It was a great night for a ride and the trails were in excellent condition.  Shaun broke his chain, fixed it and needed to re-fix it.  We eventually all met back at the parking lot and slapped each other on the backs in congratulations.  Well done boys. The masses voted for a bi-weekly mountain bike adventure so we'll do it all again in 14 sleeps.  

Albert knows how to haul the goods
There was a bunch of this
Jeff shows the secret sign of the devil

David shows the secret sign of Gene Simmons

Curt and Ben heading home

Shaun fixes his chain - again

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