Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ABES Updates

The weather was windy with a constant rain for the Saturday morning breakfast ride.  The weather was not iffy – it was miserable – May long weekend miserable.  It turns out that two ABES were crazy enough to ride for fun – the bike shop duo of Bruce and Curt.  Bruce had biked the Rosetown lap before he even showed up for the Rosetown lap at 8:30.  Well done, I guess.  David and I decided to join them, but only for the breakfast portion which was sponsored by Back Alley Cycle.

This Thursday Duke will coordinate the Math Is Hard Alleycat.  Bring your abacus – math IS hard.

This weekend is the FGBC Spring Ride at Falcon Lake.  It might be the best weekend of the year.

Next Tuesday – The ABES Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride.  We need a better name than that – any suggestions?


1 comment:

  1. You could call it the "Wood Tick Show-down"...LOL!!