Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

James, Dan, Shaun, Chris, Steve, Myron, Evan, Gavin, Curt, Mike, Tom, Schiesse, Pauls W, Paul B, and I tooled about town, raced through the village and braked our way around the mini track.  It was nice to see Paul B back on his bike and riding in the ABES peleton – I hesitate to mention my appreciation as it likely ensures he won’t come back for another 5 months – but it was nice.  We were met at the clubhouse by David, DB and later by Thomas.  Clubhouse minutes:  the table was full – on one half, Paul K was regailing us with stories of France, biking and sideburns, on the other half there was talk of Schiesses sweet new ride, detailing how and where he got his bike refinished.  It seems Curt played bike shop hero by rushing to assemle the bike, completing it  15 minutes before our ride began - well done Curt.  There was also talk of starting a regular mountain bike ride in Morden/Tinker – leaving every other Tuesday at 6:30.  Me lika.  We have three locals confirmed for the Spring Ride in three weeks – DB, Thomas, and myself; the more the merrier, so step up and ride.  Other minutes included: the elections, finding airplane wreckage in the ocean, the painful ordering process of the ABES jerseys, Obama Bin Laden, chicken truck, Bomber potential, W’s high heeled bike shoes, Giles and his broken pinkie video, Firebag Alberta V Jerkwater Alberta, and bro-ners.  Good times.
Saturday morning breakfast ride - meet at my place at 8:30 and we’ll bike to Lettelier for some grub. 

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