Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

The moon was full, the sky was clear, the temperature was -39 and our bikes were sluggish.  Despite the frigid temperatures, the Thursday Night Ride crew persisted with an hour of peddling around our beloved town.  David, Shaun, Curt, Dan, Albert, Wolters, Tom and I took to the streets to test our mettle.  Albert had freewheel issues caused by the low temps and we lost Tom and Wolters early (sorry boys).  It was a good night to test what clothing worked for winter riding – if you could keep warm AND dry last night you are dialed in just right for anything winter can muster.  Since Myron was on house arrest we decided to go there for our weekly meeting but Tom, Wolters and Steve were ensconced at the clubhouse and not prepared to budge.  Alternative clubhouse minutes included: the power and the glory of merino wool, the power and the potential glory of buying $90 alpaca wool socks from a cute girl, Happy Harry’s Christmas eve madhouse, Dan taunting Americans, athletes eat vereneka, pretty curlers talking dirty, The Rhineland Area Pastors for Poker (RAPP), Dswat is a quitter, Sloth Cross (February 19 – 20), ABES Winter Bike Festival (Saturday, March 5), Arlene “Stookie” Woodcock, the Sabres are undefeated, MUCR bigwigs, and being snowed in in Fargo for three days.  Good times.  JS

Pre-ride nap

Pre-ride drink?

Jacket buddies

Shaun continues to pimp his ride - leather wraps

Blinking was problematic

Myron leads the ABES prayer



  1. I think we ought to investigate the possibility of FXR making ABES coloured and logoed winter riding jackets. Then we (I speak metaphorically of course, since my attendance is, at best (and oh I wish I could be best at anything (there is always DBing!) (and bracketing!) spiritual) could all be jacket buddies. That, would be hot, in a cool sort of way. But alas, the jersey discussions in perpetuity do not bode well for any corporate clothing action (short of the EP's masterful cross ts).