Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

2:1 In those days El Presidente issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire ABES world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while Mel K. was mayor of Altona.) 3 And everyone went to his own garage to count.

How many bikes do we have?

We've all discussed Albert's penchant for collecting.  And PW's collection seems to be growing exponentially (if he ever claims them from Menke's).  So what do we all own?  Even better, what do we all ride?

My own garage/shed/livery contains at least 10 bikes that I know of off-hand.  Possibly more.  Weekly trips to the MCC seem to be my weakness.  EBAY is others.  PV Online works.  Garage sales.  Inheritance.  Any way is a good way.

So here's my plan.  Collect our data.  Names, descriptions, models, colours, and maybe even photos.  A photo collage would be sweet.  That way, when someone comes down on Thursday and announces a new member to their family we'll be able to add him/her/it to the annals of our history.  For posterity's sake.

So send us your poor, your tired, your de-chained and we'll give them a place in ABES history.  Our children will thank us.



  1. I have 3 bikes - for somebody who's into biking, three bikes is the minimum. I'd love to have more but money, storage and some sense of priorities prevent me from blowing my load at the bike stores. Currently my rides include a daily commuter - an 1980's fixed gear Miata - a beauty that I love to bits but the rust is starting to take its toll. I'm in the market for a new mountain bike but my current ride is a classic 1994 Softride that has seen a lot of bumps. The latest addition to my stable is my 2010 Opus Spark for road/cross action. Cheryl has 4 bikes (two are my old bikes), Mia has 2 and Kate has 2. In summer our car is parked on the yard and the garage (and front yard) is filled with bikes which is very OK with me. JS

  2. I have 3 fully-functional bikes (as JS says, that's a minimum): a commuter/cyclocross set-up (a personally-built bike with a Scattante frame, and a bunch of other stuff), a Norco CCR Road machine, and a Giant hard-tail mountain bike (again it's been mostly rebuilt over the years). Margruite has 2 bikes: a classic Benotto 850 road bike, and a Raleigh hard-tail mountain bike. Bekah's got 2 bikes: a Trek 3700 hard-tail mountain bike, and a classic women's Sekine 5-speed cruiser (thank you MCC). Other notable stats: Sara's LG hardtail mountain bike is at CMU (technically she still lives at our place); I have one Norco CRD1 road frame (with a carbon fork) that will eventually be built into an upscale single-speed/fixie (any buyers?); I have one decommissioned 1990s vintage Norco Magnum hard-tail mountain bike (with a stiffy). Total then is 8 functioning bikes in the house, one bike to be, and one pastured.

  3. Wait, I forgot the mini Deelite kids coaster bike (that's working pretty well and not for sale), and we've also got Shorty Hamm's Sprinter cruiser bike (not working really, but it's worth something to us). That makes 9 functioning bikes, one bike to be, and 2 pastured.

  4. I have 2 and 1/2 bikes. One beauty, one beater and one borrower. My '09 Jamis Supernova, my classic '88 Norco Bush Pilot (3 speed foot shift with oval tech), and Jenn's Jamis Durango.
    I also have an old single speed ladies commuter I want to fix up, but that not for me!

  5. Sweet. Keep 'em coming gentlemen. We'll work on the pics later.

    If you're wondering why I haven't inventoried my own rides its because I'm at the Lake and my beauties are all at home. And honestly, I'm not sure I can remember all of them. I'll try later.

  6. I still have every I have ever owned. Most needing alot of love. 7 in total plus a few bmx frames. Jamis dakota comp, tribal ??(winter/clubhouse)bike. Norco Mountaineer(Paul B first road this, then his dad sold it), kawasaki chopper bike(friday afternoon buy at farm service. we bought 2 and rode them the the bar and parked in the lot like harley's) and then some 20 inch kids bikes. All sweet rides in there time. SB

  7. To start with here are the 5 I have that work in order of most km's as of Dec 31, 2010
    1) 2007 Norco CCX - Up grades - Carbon Fork. Ritchy Race Bull Horns - Triple Chain Rings (6347)
    2) 2004 Giant OCR3 - Up Grades - Kyrium Elite Wheelset (6256)
    3) 2005 Giant Yukon (3023)
    4) Norco Magnesium SE - a mid 80's cromo frame set up in Sept 2010 as a SS winter beater with spare parts in the garage. This was to be a grand fixie but the frame is bent so it is now a beater :-( (730)
    5) Norco Nishiki - early 80's steel frame set up with mostly new parts as a fixie in May 2010. It is a 54 cm so it is too small for me. It is for sale or if I can find a bigger frame I will use the parts to fixify that one. (209)
    6) This is a top secret project that is not so secret - the unavailing will be some time this spring when the weather warms and my fingers don't freeze in the garage.
    This is a short list - there are more but I would have to go to the shed to make a count and it is cold outside and the snow is deep.

  8. I've got three working bikes. One is a 2003 Kona Cinder Cone. Theres also a 1977 Sekine SHC ( set up with (East German rain pattern military backpacks) panniers for hauling shit. The guy who sold it to me said he sold blood over a few months to buy it. And my road bike is a 1983 though the frame is '82) Schwinn Traveller going through the process of modernization. Next is a new crank and some sweet leather bar tape. I'm never getting rid of those down tube shifters though.

  9. My eclectic collection of misfit bikes includes a 2001 Giant TCR 2 road bike, a 2010 Origin 8 cyclecross singlespeed commuter, a 2009 Kent Genesis V2100 MTB, a "refurbished" Sturmey-Archer 3 speed Supercycle MTB, and a Triumph down to one speed MTB.

  10. I have three bikes that normally work, but only one that I could ride RIGHT NOW.

    1) Bike: A blue early-70s, most-likely Japanese-made Sekine.
    Story: My one true love. It replaced my army-green Sekine of the exact same model after I got hit by a cab downtown Winnipeg. It was my dad's 10-speed bike that he got when he was 16. I single-speeded (is that word?) the green one a few years back and when I got hit, tried to replace it as precisely as possible, which I did via kijiji and ended up making a profit on the MPI deal.
    Bike highlight: This thing gets me places.
    Colour: Regular Blue
    Frame, size: Steel, 58cm
    Fork: stock steel
    Wheels: Mavic Open Sports
    Component Group: n/a fixie, suckas
    Pedals: Crank Bros. Egg beater SLs
    Bars: Standard drop bars with one new front brake. Flip/flop rear hub with freewheel removed and it's now a fixie.

    2) Bike: 2004(ish - ask Cousin Adam) Scattante XLS.
    Story: Bought if off of Cousin Adam last summer to use as a cyclocross/touring bike. I race a 1x9 but wanna put at least a 2x9 on it for touring.
    Bike Highlight: I got 15th overall (B race)at Southern Cross 2010 in it.
    Colour: Jet-black with red and yellow writing/decals.
    Frame, Size: 7000 aluminum, 57cm
    Fork: Bontrager carbon
    Component Group: some Shimano Frankenstine'd stuff. Not sure what I'll get four touring...
    Wheels: Ritchey Silhouettes (wanting to replace)
    Pedals: Crank Bros. Eggbeater STs

    3) Bike: 2010 MEC Lynx
    Story: As an MEC staff was offered an offer I couldn't refuse (crazy % discount.) Have ridden it three times: test ride, FGBC Spring Ride 2010 and once at Burr Oak with Tenacious V and a Westgate school trip.
    Bike Highlight: Topping the bars on my first day at Spring Ride 2010.
    Colour: Greyish (?)
    Frame: 7005 Aluminum
    Fork: Rockshox Tora SL
    Component group: Shiman SLX
    Wheels: Mavic XM317 Disc
    Pedals: Crank Bros. Candies

  11. 20 year old Norco 12 spd road bike
    4 yr old Marin mtn bike
    Blue POS mtn bike with no gears, lousy brakes slick tires...perfect