Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - late edition

Another hellagood year of riding bike.  Our recipe for good times can't be beat.  Bikes are already awesome for so many reasons, but you when you throw in the opportunity to goof around in 24 hour "races", winter shenanigans, spring rides, mountain biking, alleycats, cross, then add in some beer, dogs, chips while hanging out with good people?!  Dang!  It all adds up to good times - every time. 

I've also enjoyed all the new bikes that have been added to the ABES stable.   Many an ABE got a new bike in 2010.  It makes sense.  If you like bikes you need at least 3 - and that's being modest.  5+ bikes would be better, but we can't all live the life of Albert with his untold fleet of bikes squirreled away in his house.

There will be plenty goodness is brewing in 2011.  Some benchmark events that you should try to attend include: dung cross (or whatever they call the January bike race to be in a horse barn), sloth cross (24 hours of riding/movies/hanging), the ABES Winter Bike Festival, the spring ride,  24 hours of Falcon, the Penner MS fundraiser, Head for the Hills, Back 40, AD/DC, and the entire cross season.  That doesn't include the Thursday night good times that keep us rolling every week.  I'm liking that lineup of good time!  Like I said - Dang!  JS

Teamwork (including the smoke)

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  1. Happy New Year to all the ABES. See ya on the trails and/or in any prurveyor of suitable post biking libations!