Monday, January 17, 2011


A shout out to two ABES who like to ride bike - a lot.  

Dan has put in 6000 km's.  Impressive.  It's down a K from last year be he's been injured for 8 months so we'll cut him some slack.   

Shaun also likes to ride - he's on pace for a 12 month total of 6001 km's this year.  On pace being the key - his year ends in April (I think) so he's not there yet.  Dan is still the man until further notice.

I'm too lax to keep track so I'm impressed with anybody that is diligent enough to keep track of these things. 6k is pretty good.  Way to go boys.  The DB must also put in a lot of spins a year.  Anybody keep track?  JS


  1. After crunching the numbers, they tell me I'm on pace for an anti-climactic 5927 km. By now I keep track out of habit, but originally it was interesting to see the correlation between higher millage and bacon/other pork product intake, cigarette consumption and lung capacity.

  2. but how do you measure happiness? Is it directly correlated to smokes and bacon consumption?
    You should try to take Dan down with 6001 - this might be your best chance - do it while he's lame. Or is the weight of being The Man too much pressure? JS

  3. How do you measure happiness? I'm not sure - maybe an aggregate of smaller happinesses, with a few wild cards? As far as biking goes the main happinesses come from biking in and of itself, from the various ABEsisms and as a delivery system to the outdoors - particularly biking in the inclement weather we get. The happiness that comes from bacon and smoking are largely separate from biking, but biking does make those good things even better. Bacon and cigarettes is more of a roundabout shorthand way to state that bikes are awesome. Total millage becomes largely irrelevant at some point, but yeah, I'm going to crush Dan's 6000 by a handful of kilometres. And if I'm falling short, I don't think the ABES would mind if I fudged some numbers. Better then plan B - taking Dan out in a round of knock-down.

  4. Well if a line in the sand it want you want then let's make that line clear - no fudgin' allowed. The tally for all days in the year 2010 was 6071 km. Now I am all for bacon and beer - I have even been know to enjoy a Cuban once in a while, but I have given all that up (well OK not the beer) in favor of a new strategy in 2011 - Yoga. As my back gets stronger, my spirit is calmer and my mind sharper. But I will be dammed if my ego diminishes to the point were there is no glee in shaming ABES of lesser distance. So heed this warning!!! If you don't like the sight of an over-weight middle-aged man in tights with his head between his knees, ass in the air, breathing through his nose making the sound of the ocean stay away from my house. Yoga is enabling the kms to tick away faster and further and that boys is where happiness is found. Namaste

  5. YES!!!

    I, for one, am a huge fan of "lines in the sand". Not that I have any intention of partaking in this little tete-a-tete. My happiness is measures not by KM's nor bacon nor yoga.

  6. To and from work (16 ks/day): about 3000 ks
    Road bike this summer: over 2000 ks (had a battery issue so the count isn't precise)
    Other biking around: hard to say - a couple of hundred for sure - maybe 500?
    I'd be surprised if I hit 6000, but I'm confident that it's more than 5000.

    If you're asking question that involves the word happiness, you're probably on the wrong trail. Just sayin'. (Can't release my inner DB.)


  7. 5000 ks per year works out to an average of 13.69863013698630136986301369863 ks per day.

    6001 ks per year works out to an average of
    16.441095890410958904109589041096 ks per day.

  8. Even when you're trying to be polite, you're a DB. You radiate DB'iness, even in sincerity. You can't help it. It's you're true nature. JS