Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

James, Myron, Wolters, Shaun, Charles and David gathered to ride and race but it all started on the driveway where two Christmas reveals took place.  Charles picked up some bike mitts that attach to the bike, and Shaun showed his new saddle.  Nice.  I sat out the ride - my gimp knee gimped itself out - my knee is really starting to piss me off. - but I digress.  Apparently the ride lapped the town - Myron had a slo-mo fall in a drift and James had a more violent flip over his bars but managed to land on his feet.  James is pretty nimble for a tall guy.  I drove to the race and watched the boys race it up at Chez Hiebzky.  The first laps were to determine the course layout.  The second lap was raced for seeding purposes.  The race was a two-lapper but you had to attempt the longe riser cleanly at least once or a 15 second penalty would be added to your time.  Shaun rode a clean race to take the title, Chaz took second and Duke ranked third.  Wolters bowed out of the races due to a knee injury suffered on last weeks ride.  DSwat rode a good time but his time could not be determined due to technical (incompetence) issues.  David really knows how to shwag up an event and this was no exception.  Winners were offered a garbage bag full of mystery goodies that could only be revealed at the clubhouse.  Most were filled with halloween/xmas candy, chips, ABES shirts, books, tools, and underwear (and a the garbage bag).  Nice.  Tom and Thomas joined us at the clubhouse where Minutes included: MEC bike program/staff discounts/ theft (unrelated), "the little faggot with the earring and the make up" controversy and Jeff Reinbold (related), Shaun is starting to embrace his inner bike geek by breaking his vow to never wear cycling gear - he was sporting tights and a jersey - ha - right on, Poker destinations, Halbstadt bonspiel temperatures, the decapitated snowmobiler?, Scotties volunteer assignments, Keith Richards autobiography, Canadian population, FXR domination, and a-hole blow-outs.  Good times.  pics are being troublesome.  JS 

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Sorry I had to bail. Had mechanic issues with my bike. But I am back in the saddle again.