Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

TOM, Jeff, Dan, Curt, Paul, Trevor, David, Ben, Shaun, and I make a fine group of dudes, but the group was made even finer with the inclusion of good guy, BS artist and Saskatchewan rep, Geoffrey Dale Loeppky.  Geoff looked in fine ABES form as he approached headquarters rocking his dads brown co-op cruiser bike and lighting a smoke.  Paul was stung by a bee before we got rolling and I have the fuzzy pictures to prove it.  The ride itself was a casual affair that saw us discover a new local race track, the makings of a new section of the trans Canada trail, a sprint down the Bunge strip (or not), Dan needed to give Pauls tire a pump, and we made our way to the village.  We eventually meandered back to the clubhouse so the Rider fans could watch their green gods (small g) destroy the Lions.  James joined us where the Minutes included: the Jets coming back to the Peg, Tom was pissy because I forgot to mention his name in last weeks minutes (ha), the super-happy-fun-CFL-pool (suicide week baby), Geoff shared how one touchdown converted him from a lifelong Bomber fan to Rider Nation (weak), ABES jerseys - the logo was going to be fine tuned by Scheisse, and when he disappeared Justin was going to do it, until he too disappeared - is you is or is you aint, Ben and Jeff are going to be in the community play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - directed by Charles, Trevor blew tradition and ordered a caesar, we revisited the Labour day road trip to Regina - 1988, talc club, nut butter, insurance bike schemes were exposed, the Amazon princess, Southern Cross countdown - Sunday, October 17, Paul is discovering who he is (enneagram #9 = the wuss), Ned "the original bike club" Loeppky crashed the ABES meeting and stole Toms drink, the smell of the Macloeds store - "I love the smell of a good rubber", Davids massive erection in the village, cornhole Carla, Toms Eascht Emma Alleycat is next Thursday, the AD/DC race is next Friday and 10 dudes are planning to ride to Moose Lake this Saturday - that is insane.  Good times. 
Getting ready to go

G-Bucks has his smoke and a bikes laps

Paul getting ready for Cross season with a flat tire

New race site?

The clubhouse caesar includes celery, lemon AND a pickle

You like your drink?  So does Ned.

Old Dutch Buffet

Geoff with black jersey and eye
Unrelated note...Geoff and Ned's boy Ralph loves the Jagg

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