Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

1 lap time trial results:
Mike – 34.28
Paul – 37.41
Jeff – 39.00
Shaun – 39.03
Phil – 39.09
Charles – 39.28
Johnny – 39.41
Bruce – 39.94
Albert – 40.44
David – 40.44
Ben – 40.66
James – 41.12
Curt – 41.88
Chris – 43.28
Trevor – 43.58

Most of the times were close, but Paul and especially Mike raised the bar.  It was inspiring.  These two studs not only won the sprint, they were the final two in the Last Man Out race (followed by Charles, Jeff and Shaun), then carried their partners onto the podium in the relay race.  It was unclear who won the relay race.  It was either Mike and Trevor or Paul and Chris.  David and Charles were top three (I think).  The only solace was that Mike said he wanted to throw up after the time trial. 

There was a quick pre and post race ride before we retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke, Paul B and Steve.  Trevor also joined us for his first ABES ride – welcome.  Ben had some pictures of his family vacation in Burma and Thailand and shared his experience with beach monkeys, riding elephants, catching octopus, feeding tigers, eating rat, and terrifying local orphans with snakes and bears.  Other Clubhouse Minutes…Paul B “yanking the milkweed”, Hawerchuck V Casey in the rosy cheek contest, I had my seeds roasted in The Echo (somebody finally had the guts to tell it like it is), Duke played dumb and got out of a speeding ticket (123 in a 100 zone), bicycle helmet usage, KC’s shoe repair “beer drinking, milf chasing, overcharging, Stinklerite”, European shoes aka Faggy McFaggersons, Steve will be riding his Harley in Sturgis where Bob Dylan will be the opening act for Kid Rock, and crotch rot (we miss you Lorne – are you alive?).  Good times.
Curt and Paul K


Jeaner with Bruce test riding a bike from the shop

Last Man Out race

Mike destroys the "competition"

Ben is back and beardier than ever

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