Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday night ride report

Race coordinator Tom Dueck organized the Eascht Emma Alleycat race that included many fond memories of Altona's past, a mandatory beer break (smoke optional) and an 11 year old buying cigarettes.  It sounded fantastic.  I managed to make it to the clubhouse but work duties kept me out of the race.  Sorry Tom.  Here are the race results:
                                Time            Time with Penalties
1. David                        24:00                   27:00
2. Steve and Gavin              26:44                   28:14
3. Giles and James              31:08                   31:38
4. G and Paul                   32:29                   32:59
5. Charles                      36:50                   38:50
6. Shaun and Trevor             39:00                   39:30
7. Ben and Ryan          47:00                   47:30  
David had the fastest time but with all those penalties I'm not sure if he used his bike or his blackberry to answer the questions.  Ben and Ryan took home the DFL purse.  There were several big bags of plain potato chips available thanks to the chicken lady, Ryan and g made an appearance (welcome, welcome), and BS was flying at its usual fast and furious pace.  The only thing that really matters right now is that AD/DC is tonight and it will be awesome.  There are some nasty ruts on the track but it's still hellafun.  Some city folks are planning to join us to bask in the ABES experience.  It is a family affair and open to anybody.  There will be no entry fee or prizes.  There will be mosquitoes coming out at dusk so be plan to swear, swat, or spray.  There will also be joy, pain, hotdogs and good times.  Prepare to have your lungs and/or your mind blown away.  I can hardly wait. 
AD/DC timetable…
6:30 - arrive at Altona Moto Track 10 to ride the tracks/bs
7:00 - time trials on the kids track, kids races, cheering, jeering, and jocularity
8:00 - cross races on the adult track - 30 minutes plus a lap, and a 2 lap option - run simultaneously.  The tequila shortcut will be in effect.  Oh boy.
9:00 - Fire/dog-fest at ABES headquarters - BYOB (and a lawn chair if your driving)
See you tonight.  JS

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